Cora Jakes Coleman


Cora Coleman is 27 years old. She is a wife to her wonderful husband Brandon Coleman and is the mother to her beautiful daughter Amauri Coleman. She’s the daughter to world renown Bishop Jakes, and First Lady Serita Jakes. She is working as the children’s ministry director of The Potter’s House of Dallas. She loves life, and enjoys writing. She began writing in her blog Fertility Faith at the age of 24 because at the age of 22 the doctors diagnosed her with infertility. She went to the web looking for young women her age that were going through infertility, and could be a support to her, and found nothing for her age group. At the age of 24 Cora went through her first IVF cycle, and it failed. She was heartbroken, lost, and confused. She was able to find wonderful women through her sisters blog that had fought infertility and won. When she began to find these women they became her support and her push. Having these women encouraged her to continue to push forward, and pushed her to speak about her struggle to help someone else. She was able to find what she calls her community she calls her support community her fertility sisters, and without them she would have been lost. Cora Coleman now post in her blog weekly, and speaks out about her battle with infertility in the hopes of building a group of support for all people who are fighting for not just a baby but for their ultimate promise that the Lord has spoken over them. She is now a minister in training under the Potter’s House school of Ministry. She plans to continue to encourage people through her blog, writing books, and speaking out about continuing to fight for your dream no matter what obstacle you are facing. She does not just have a heart for young women battling infertility, but she has a heart for people who are trying to get and reach their promise.

12 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hello, my name is Schonshary Chiffon, I just finished reading your mini sermon One Word Away, and it has blessed me tremendously! My life has been in an uproar for nearly two years! It all started two years ago, when I wrote my first book, “The Adorning of a Woman.” Shortly after my Bishop read the book he advised me that I will experience attacks by the enemy, and I thought I was prepared, but never in a million years did I think I would experience the things that I’ve experienced! After 14 years of marriage, and four children(3 we have together) my husband and I divorced, my finances has suffered tremendously and on June 30,2014, after seven years of employment I was laid off from my job. The sad thing I wasn’t laid off due to poor attendance, work ethnics or job performance, but because my supervisor disliked me for no reason other than I’m a child of God’s. During the process of my divorce I’d stopped promoting my book, I was experiencing so many terrible things until I had basically given up on everything even my relationship with God. My days appeared to be nights and my nights appeared to be days. I had started to believe that death was better than life, but God stepped into the picture and turned my thoughts around! On the other day I was praying and asking God to forgive for complaining and all of my negative thoughts, and I also asked that someday the world would know “The Adorning of a Woman,” a book that I find to be revolutionary, uplifting and empowering for women all over the world. This message will help women to learn who God has created us to be in order to obtain the results that God has prequalified us to obtain, and live in the freedom that our Lord has of forded us on Calvary! I was struggling with rather or not I should leave a comment, because I didn’t know if you would reply. However, I decided to leave this message. In addition, I’m grateful that you have created this website, and I’m grateful that you didn’t limited to infertility in the natural but extended it to infertility in the spiritual realm as well. I love your spirit, strength and willingness to enlighten others! I thank you for obeying God by not limiting this awesome website to any specific persons, although I pray that God blesses each and every woman on this page who is struggling with infertility rather in the natural or spiritual realm. I don’t know if you would take the time to read it, but I would like to send you a copy of my book. If it’s no problem for you, may I please have an address? I would never know if don’t ask. Again, thank you woman of God and may God continuously bless you and your family! Checkout The Adorning of a Woman on YouTube

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