Faithing the Logic

Faithing the Logic

The facts of infertility are broad and small at the same time. The one thing that is certain is with God all things are possible. With God you can achieve the unthinkable, and with God you can conceive the impossible. The biggest part of this struggle is faith. I want to talk to you today about faith conquering logic in this blog that I will title faithing the Logic. Now understand me I know faithing is not a word, but if you stick with me I am sure this will help you. When I was 14 years old I knew something wasn’t right with my body. My doctor wouldn’t listen, and I went from doctor to doctor all of them telling me something else. “You’re fine the cyst will go way.” “It wasn’t a cyst at all it was scar tissue.” “Every girl starts off irregular you will be fine.”  So when I got diagnosed with infertility as devastating as it was my father looked at me and said a delay is not a denial. I didn’t want to hear that. It hurt too much in the state I was in. I immediately began to cry asking God why. I watched all the people around me get married and then get pregnant. I even watched unmarried women get pregnant around me. I would soon only turn around and have to fight the giant of infertility; when all I ever wanted was to be a mommy.  I was unsettled about this. I couldn’t get why it had to be me. Now when you think about logic you think about what man says, the facts, and statistics. Logic places you in the 1% of odds and God places you in the 99% with His help.  In my logical life I said to myself I went to the doctors, and I tried my hardest.

The doctor is telling me it isn’t possible for me to get pregnant alone so that must be true. I was so shortly after reminded about faith. Faith being the substance of things HOPED for and the evidence of things NOT seen it became clear to me that the doctor was not acting on faith she was telling me what she could see, and God works on the things unseen. The thing that you must realize is infertility is a battle that some women face with logic and some women face with faith. The woman of faith gets pregnant with God and has a testimony to help someone, or she adopts and has a testimony, or she is a God mother and has a testimony. The woman with logic stops at no and finds something else to desire. The woman with the issue of blood had faith. She could have kept bleeding stopped at the no, but she believed God. What I am trying to say to you is that if you face anything with God being your sight and not your logical mind leading you can conquer anything the enemy throws in your direction. To faith your logic is to tell your logic God is seeing me through this because I can’t see. I recently made a decision to faith my logic to trust God in all that I do, and that whatever happened was all in God hands. I prepared myself for this choice by writing to God the things that I wanted specifically. I prayed to God once for what I needed and I stood back and praised Him for it in advance. When you can trust God to see for you whatever storm that lay ahead will not matter because God is your sight in the storm.

I went to my amazing doctor her name is Doctor Gray last week, and the doctor told me that my ovary felt fine, and my tube during surgery wasn’t entirely blocked which means I can try to get pregnant on my own. I have trusted God to do His will since the negative pregnancy test. The doctor told me last year it was not probable for me to get pregnant on my own, and this year she told me to try “I may get pregnant with triplets.” I walked into the doctor’s office on faith and used God’s sight to fight my logic. Whatever you may be going through in life I challenge you to let faith walk you and God’s sight hold you. There is nothing that God can’t see you can’t trust Him on one part of your life and then use logic for the other. There is going to be spiritual warfare because that comes with the fight of getting your true heart’s desire according to God’s will for your life. You will have Job moments in your life, but the thing that made Job so great is that he let God see and he stood on faith even in the worst of times. Job held God’s hand. Sometimes we allow logic to play God in our head when faith is what God works on. Watch this how can you believe God have faith in a man you can’t see and use logic for the things in your heart that you can’t see. If God can be powerful enough for you to pray to can He be powerful enough to move things in your life; simply because you trusted Him.

If you continue to walk on logic and not use faith how can you expect God to move? Your time has come it is time to faith your logic allow God to see and your faith be the controller of your mind. This time last year I let logic scare me all year “you won’t get pregnant” “God doesn’t love you enough for you to be a mom” “Nehemiah is just a dream he isn’t a real thing.” “You went through a very expensive treatment and still didn’t get pregnant the doctors must be right,” BUT God He began to direct my life. “Start the fostering to adopt plan theirs someone waiting for you.” Now I am a mommy. “I wouldn’t place this desire in your heart to leave you now.”  Now I am healed “I am God and beside me there is no other.” Now I am helping you. “I am not a man that I shall lie.” Now I can try to conceive.  I began to faith my logic. I challenge you today to make a choice. Will you let logic detour you from the promises of God or will you let faith allow God to see for you. I challenge you to stand in the face of negativity and the enemies tools, and say you know what devil God is unseen trusting Him is faith all by itself. He knows my beginning and my end and He will perform it. I rebuke you devil for making me not believe God for what He said and today I am faithing my logic.  

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32 thoughts on “Faithing the Logic”

  1. This definitely helped me. It too hurt me to see un-wed women conceive, women conceive on their honeymoon, or whenever they want. I am a newlywed and we desire to start a family, soon. After going to the doctors for irregular periods, I knew something was not right. They said that I have mild PCOS, and I am not ovulating on a regular basis. Then of course the Dr’s say I am overweight, and that has an effect on my reproduction system too. I still believe God. I know women over 300lbs that get pregnant without any issues. We know it is in His timing, but I am still doing my part with taking the medication. I refuse to stay on prescription meds, but I agreed to take just enough to jump start ovulation. I feel good in knowing that I am not alone. A lot of people are dealing with mild- severe PCOS and I’ve heard a lot of awesome testimonies. I will stay posted on your journey…

    1. Adrianna it is all in God’s timing whatever he has planned for you it will come to pass. Take care of yourself and believe God even when you get no’s believe God until it turns into a yes..

    2. God works in many ways Adrianna, and what natural conception did for one woman God may have a different route for you. Your steps are ordered by God he is taking you through this journey for a reason. You are not alone He can and will do it for you, and when it happens remember this journey was not for nothing, but that it was placed for you to help someone else. Blessings to you.

  2. What a fantastic piece. I woke up this morning and found myself reading your blog instead of my devotions and boy was i blessed. Thank you very much for writing this. I will encourage myself daily with faith logic, quoting scripture and reminding myself that God loves me and is not punishing me. His timing is always perfect and i will continue to press on. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. (Jules, South Africa)

  3. Cora ur work speaks volumes God is really using u to touch every this post is so broad and has inspired me a lot coz i was that girl but since i started faithing my logic i am getting closer to my dream may he keep using u to touch many lives

  4. Let me begin by saying that I have been very blessed by your dad’s teaching on a variety of subjects. Your post was very encouraging to me too. I know God will see you through. Thanks for sharing and reinforcing about the truths of faith Vs logic

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